PlayStation Access

YouTube channel re-brand

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PlayStation Access is the official YouTube channel of PlayStation UK. Leading the way when it comes to corporate social video, PlayStation Access celebrates PlayStation and gaming culture with vibrant and personal content.

The challenge was to completely redesign the visual presence of PlayStation Access. As a YouTube channel, the design of the thumbnails is almost completely linked with the success of the videos. Each thumbnail needed to be highly legible, easy to understand, fun and vibrant.


The thumbnails needed to look like part of a family, and part of PlayStation – but also different enough so as not to be thought of as corporate or a part of PlayStation’s other territories and social channels.

During this design process, I had to completely understand YouTube’s own guidelines and best practices, whilst also following PlayStation’s long-established brand guidelines.

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PlayStation Access

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The Results

The results speak for themselves. The thumbnails are clearly part of a set thanks to a controlled colour palleteĀ and clear layout guidelines. Different kinds of content are easily identifiable, whilst still belonging to the family. The PlayStation symbols lend the thumbnails a subtly official feel, without leaning too heavily on corporate identity. The colours, shapes, and use of bold characters make the overall feel vibrant, fun and inviting.