The Recovery Studio | logo design

Logo Design for Bath based health & fitness company.

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The Recovery Studio

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About the Project

The Recovery Studio is a new Bath-based massage therapy company. Their CEO, Sophie Gover, approached me to design a logo for the company. The brief was to create something clean and typography-led that embodied the fundamental pillars of the business. These were femininity, strength and experience.

When approaching the design, I knew I didn’t want to go down the typical health and fitness route – but instead create something new and edgy, that would stand out amongst the competitors. I settled on some complimentary, yet contrasting, fonts to reflect the different pillars. The script typeface has a fun and feminine feel to it, whilst the harder typeface shows strength. Combined with the rectangular holding shape, this harder typeface emphasises how central the idea of ‘Recovery’ is within the brand.

The result is a logo design that The Recovery Studio are incredibly pleased with, and that has helped to rapidly grow their business into an established health and fitness brand within the wider Bath area. [/tw-column]


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