For The Players

Virtual reality t-shirt design for Playstation

[tw-column width=”one-half”]Although I really enjoy working on fledgling brands and helping to shape them from the very beginning, working on a name like PlayStation has a certain prestige that doesn’t get old. Furthermore, there are loads of interesting challenges to overcome whilst working within the confines of brand guidelines – and more than two decades-worth of creative history on which to build and take inspiration from.[/tw-column]

Whilst working at Red Central, I was asked to work on the PlayStation contract and design several t-shirts in an urban streetwear style. The t-shirt below is just one of several designs that were sold to gamers and PlayStation fans around the world.It’s great seeing some of the work I do in the office out and about in the wild, and it’s only fitting that I have one of the PlayStation Access guys to model it – Thanks Dave!

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