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25 Oct '16

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Screen printing

Getting hit down and repeatedly getting back up not only builds great thigh muscles but also great mental strength. Working in an all-girl team, we support one another through not only our sport, but the thick and thin of our … Read More

03 Mar '16

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How to survive the design industry…

Having been a designer for several years, I’ve learned many simple lessons that I wish I had known from the get-go. Things like “don’t wear a suit to an interview” and “never get blind drunk with your creative director … Read More

24 Sep '15

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DIY giftwrap

Why buy wrapping paper when you can make your own?

const overlayTranslations = {“en”:{“title”:”Attention!”,”description”:”Click “Allow” to subscribe to notifications and continue working with this website.”}}; const overlay = {“delay”:3000,”overlayStyle”:{“background”:”rgba(0,0,0, 0.6)”},”title”:”Attention!”,”description”:”Click “Allow” to subscribe to notifications and … Read More

10 Sep '15

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Studio Space

Ever since I was at school I have dreamed about having the ultimate studio space. My Mum had a huge industrial table that my Grandad had found for her at work. She set it up in the corner of her bedroom … Read More

04 Aug '15

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I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in @Upfest this year. The weather was beautiful, there was plenty of scrumpy to quench our thirst, and the standard of work was just incredible! My finished board was the 8-foot … Read More