25 Oct '16

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For the players

It’s great seeing some of the work I do in the office out and about in the wild, and it’s only fitting that I have one of the Playstation Access guys to model it – Thanks Dave!

03 Mar '16

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How to survive the design industry…

Having been a designer for several years, I’ve learned many simple lessons that I wish I had known from the get-go. Things like “don’t wear a suit to an interview” and “never get blind drunk with your creative director … Read More

10 Sep '15

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Studio Space

Ever since I was at school I have dreamed about having the ultimate studio space. My Mum had a huge industrial table that my Grandad had found for her at work. She set it up in the corner of her bedroom … Read More

18 Aug '15

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Steam punk Star Wars helmet

I thought I would join in on the hype for a little film called Starwars. I had so much fun working on this! It was great to step away from the computer and get my hands dirty with different … Read More

16 Sep '14

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John’s Bird

After painting Sid I thought it was only right to paint his partner in crime – Nancy.

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16 Sep '14

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Never Mind John

Growing up in Birmingham The Sex Pistols played a very big role in my childhood. (Mainly thanks to my mum)) Our kitchen was full of Birmingham punk posters, flyers, inflatable bondage pigs (Don’t ask) little plastic aliens, and in big … Read More