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25 Oct '16

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Screen printing

Getting hit down and repeatedly getting back up not only builds great thigh muscles but also great mental strength. Working in an all-girl team, we support one another through not only our sport, but the thick and thin of our … Read More

03 Mar '16

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How to survive the design industry…

Having been a designer for several years, I’ve learned many simple lessons that I wish I had known from the get-go. Things like “don’t wear a suit to an interview” and “never get blind drunk with your creative director … Read More

07 Sep '15

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Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation for Ben & Colleen – featuring typography that I designed for a friend. So rewarding to see it in the wedding photos! – Photos courtesy of L.J.M photography

A wedding invitation for Oliver & Elizabeth – inspired … Read More

04 Aug '15

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SFC Ball

Super excited to be throwing an event to celebrate the work of amazing local charity Sporting Family Change (SFC). Their dedication to the individuals and families they work with is inspirational. With the invitations now designed, it’s finally … Read More

07 Apr '15

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An Act of Insanity or an Act of Change

Arson: An Act of Insanity or an Act of Change

Sample was written by writers

Arson is a criminal conduct where an individual willfully and maliciously burns or chars property. It is vital to note that arson, as a crime, … Read More

16 Sep '14

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The Old Master

A portrait in watercolour of Jack Rabbit who, in his old age, has become rather dignified.  

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10 Apr '14

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Essay Writing Tips

Tips To Succeed In Custom Essay Writing

For help with essay writing visit this site.

To every student in college the ultimate goal is to pass their examination excellently. However, paper writing is not an easy task since it requires … Read More